General Assembly invited our volunteer in the meetings organized for Tuberculosis, Disaster Risk Reduction, Press Freedom and Developmental issues

(This article is English version of previously published Hindi language article titled – जनरल असेंबली ने ट्यूबरकुलोसिस, डिजास्टर रिस्क रिडक्शन, प्रेस फ्रीडम व विकासीय मुद्दों पर आधारित मीटिंग्स में आमंत्रित किया हमारे स्वयं सेवक को which was published on 20th May 2023 on “Svyam Bane Gopal” Group’s website)-

Greetings to all of you esteemed readers,

In the initial 5 months of this year 2023, the “General Assembly” has invited our Chief Volunteer (President) Mr. Parimal Parashar 4 times. Firstly, for the sake of those readers who are not aware of what ‘General Assembly’ is, we would like to convey that the General Assembly is the Main Governing Body that controls most of the matters/issues of the United Nations. Therefore, the Heads of States (Presidents/Prime Ministers) of all 193 countries, participate regularly as members in the meetings of the General Assembly. Additionally, the General Assembly also fixes the budget of the entire United Nations (For more information about the functions and powers of the General Assembly, please click on these 2 links – Into the Vault: History of the UN General Assembly (75 Years of UN Audiovisual Archives) and Functions and Powers of the General Assembly)

As a matter of fact, the General Assembly has always given special attention to emerging global talents who can contribute to change the condition and direction of the world. Moreover, personalities who attend the General Assembly, get special importance not from only their own country’s government, but also from the governments of other countries. Like- it can be observed that the world-famous Korean singers BTS were declared “Special Presidential Envoys” (Special Ambassadors of President) by the President of Korea after being invited by the General Assembly for the third times- BTS partners with Korean president as special presidential envoys | Nightline. Following the invitation to the third meeting of the General Assembly, BTS singers were also invited to the White House by the American President, Mr. Joe Biden and Vice President, Mrs. Harris, to discuss the issue of “Anti-Asian, Hate Crimes”- President Biden and Vice President Harris Welcome BTS to the White House

Our volunteer, Mr. Parimal Parashar, has been also invited by the General Assembly 8 times in the last 4 years (For more information about these meetings, please click on the links provided at the bottom of this article). The details of those 4 new meetings scheduled till May this year, for which Mr. Parimal was invited by the General Assembly, are as follows (Since the ‘In-Person invitations’ for these meetings were received at a very short notice, Mr. Parimal couldn’t go to New York himself and had to attend these meetings online)-

(1) A high-level meeting was organized on 18 – 19 May 2023 in the Trusteeship Council Chamber of the United Nations New York’s Headquarter, for the purpose of reducing the risks of Natural Disasters (To watch the recorded video of this meeting, please click on these 4 links- (Part 1) High-Level Meeting on Disaster Risk Reduction – Plenary meeting, General Assembly, 77th session and Part 2 of meeting and Part 3 of meeting and Part 4 of meeting).

(2) – A special annual event was organized by The General Assembly and UNESCO at the UN Headquarters in New York on May 2, 2023 to celebrate the Freedom of Press (To watch the recorded video of this meeting, please click on these 2 links- (Part- 1) A Special Anniversary Event at UN Headquarters in New York, marking the 30 years since the UN General Assembly’s decision proclaiming an International Day for Press Freedom. and Part 2 of meeting) (In this context, it is worth mentioning that the “Svyam Bane Gopal” group has been a member of UNESCO’s “Media and Information Literacy Alliance” for last 2 years. To know more about it, please click on the related article link mentioned at the bottom of this article).

(3) – A meeting was organized by the President of the General Assembly (His Excellency Mr. Csaba Kőrösi) in the UN New York Headquarter on April 20, 2023, to accelerate social development (To watch the recorded video of this meeting, please click on this link- President of the General Assembly Town Hall meeting with Civil Society).

(4) – In order to ensure comprehensive control and prevention of tuberculosis (TB) at a global level, the President of the General Assembly, His Excellency Mr. Csaba Kőrösi, had organized a 2 days meeting in the Trusteeship Council Chamber of UN New York Headquarter on May 8 and 9, 2023 (To watch the recorded video of this meeting, please click on these 3 links- (Part 1) Multistakeholder Hearings in preparation of the General Assembly High-level Meetings on the Fight against Tuberculosis, Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response and Universal Health Coverage – General Assembly, 77th session and Part 2 of meeting and Part 3 of meeting).

In fact, tuberculosis (TB) is a serious disease and it is estimated that many million people may currently be affected by it in the current global situation, as the immune power of many people have been weakened due to COVID-19 infections (especially affected lung function). For more information, please read this news article published in the media- People are getting infected by tuberculosis after recovering from COVID-19, 25 percent increase in number of cases.

The TB bacteria enter the body through breathing as well. When any patient coughs, speaks, sneezes, or spits, very tiny droplets of phlegm and saliva containing bacteria spread into the air, where the bacteria can remain suspended for several hours and can enter the body of a healthy person while breathing, leading to the transmission of the disease. (“Svyam Bane Gopal” group had published an article about 6 years ago for a natural treatment of TB, which was very much appreciated by the readers- Learn how Tuberculosis (TB) can be cured solely by Naturopathy)

In this same context, we would like to mention that, not only the Yoga & Ayurveda experts are associated with the “Svyam Bane Gopal” group but also the knowledgeable experts of various other forms of Naturopathic treatments (natural medical methods) are associated as well. It is due to the selfless contribution of these knowledgeable experts that we are able to provide precious information to all our esteemed readers. In this regard, we are presenting a brief introduction to a medical practice that can provide quick relief not only in respiratory (lung) diseases but also in almost all diseases of the human body, yet it is rarely seen in practice due to a lack of real knowledgeable experts of this treatment method. This medical practice is called “Marma Chikitsa” (Marma Treatment).

Although some information about the “Marma Points” located in the human body is taught to the medical students (especially BAMS students), yet it has been observed that in comparison to a BAMS doctor, mentors of “Kalaripayattu” (a traditional martial art form, from the Kerala state) have much more practical knowledge about the Marma treatment because it is believed that Kalaripayattu techniques also have a detailed knowledge of Marma treatment.

Therefore “Svyam Bane Gopal” group would like to humbly suggest to the Indian Government that under innovative ideas implementation practice, modern BAMS doctors must be sent to Kerala for getting few months training in Marma treatment or Government must invite such esteemed Marma Mentors from Kerala to provide training to medical students/professors/doctors in every Ayurvedic medical college of India (Note- Doctors are required to take training only in Marma Treatment, not in entire Kalaripayattu war technique). This training is so crucial because generally in the treatment of any disease, Marma treatment can provide benefits as quickly & significantly, as perhaps no other medical method can provide (Like Ayurvedic herbal medicine treatment and Homeopathy treatment, Marma Treatment also hasn’t any side effect).

It is emphasized here again that Marma treatment is a complete medical system in itself, which can provide great benefits in almost all diseases (such as- diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, joint pain, cervical spondylitis, ulcers, sciatica, depression, piles, jaundice, fever, gas, acidity, cough, allergies, weak bones, skin diseases, kidney diseases, etc.) without the use of any medicine. It is believed that there is no disease in the world (except for death or predetermined destiny or extremely difficult diseases that arise due to grave sins from past lives) in which Marma treatment cannot provide benefits. Therefore, Marma treatment is considered the most powerful, fastest-acting, and oldest treatment method in the world (like Ayurveda inventor Lord Dhanvantari, Lord Parashurama acquired Marma Treatment knowledge from his Guru Lord Shiva, and later he spread this rare knowledge of Marma treatment throughout India, as described further in this article).

Due to the rapid benefits provided by Marma treatment in various diseases, some its centers have been established in foreign countries as well which charge fees of up to 100 Euros for a few minutes of treatment session ! In India, there are still many people who haven’t even heard the name of Marma treatment, and those who are aware of it, consider it a treatment method similar to Acupressure, which can provide some relief in minor to moderate body pains. In reality, it is not the fault of these less informed individuals because there are indeed so-called “Marma experts” in the society who have created an incomplete image of Marma treatment based on their incomplete knowledge.

However, the truth is that the oldest medical system in the world, ‘Marma treatment’ is described in the Ayurveda (a subsection of Atharvaveda), in the Sanskrit language as- “मृणआयते अस्मिन इति मर्म (Mrinaayate Asmin Iti Marma)”, which simply means- “When body energy is obstructed in the Marma points of the various organs, various diseases arise”.

It is believed that the ancient martial art of Kerala, known as “Kalaripayattu” (which extensively uses Marma treatment), is the oldest martial art in the world, and other martial arts (such as- Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, etc.) were developed based on Kalaripayattu. The credit for establishing not only the martial art of Kalaripayattu in Kerala but also the entire geographical formation of Kerala is attributed to Lord Parashurama. It is said that Lord Parashurama threw his axe into the sea, which resulted in the emergence of land with the same shape, known as Kerala, and from this land he propagated the martial art Kalaripayattu.

As mentioned earlier, Lord Parashurama learned the Kalaripayattu martial art (which includes precise application of Marma treatment) from his guru Lord Shiva (Who is producer of all kind of Yoga) . Lord Parashurama freed the people from countless tyrannical kings during his lifetime. The technique learned from Lord Parashurama was also mastered by his disciples, such as Bhishma Pitamah and Karna, who were unbeatable in face-to-face combat. The world-famous channel National Geographic had also made a documentary on this astonishing “Marma Technique” of Kalaripayattu- Kalaripayattu: The Ultimate Martial Art? | It Happens Only in India | National Geographic

However, as everyone knows, India lost many of its valuable medical texts during centuries of slavery, so complete information related to Marma treatment is not available in the currently available books. Therefore, to acquire expertise in this treatment, one should seek guidance from the true experts (Marma Yogis) of the ancient art of Marma too.

That’s why, to be a real Marma Expert, is not a easy job because it is a process that might take several years. Vidyut Jammwal, a renowned pure vegetarian actor (who is known as a “He Man” of Bollywood) is also a practitioner of the “Marma Healing technique” of Kalaripayattu. You can watch his practice in these 2 videos- Vidyut’s Chikitsa Tarangam Exclusively on @hotstarOfficial | Kalaripayattu | Martial Arts and Vidyut’s Chikitsa Tarangam Exclusively on @hotstarOfficial | Kalaripayattu | Martial Arts

In ‘Marma treatment’ by specifically triggering (stimulating) the 109 Marma (vital) points of the body, diseases are relieved very quickly. The points where muscles, nerves, veins, bones, and joints converge with vital life force are called “Marma points” (or Naadi Centres), and modern experts believe that there are 107 Marma Poitns in the human body (although according to our research, there are not 107 but 109 Marma points). It is believed that there are 22 Marma points in feet, 22 points in hands, 14 points in the back, 9 points in the chest, 3 points in the abdomen, 14 points in the neck and 23 Marma points in the head of the human body.

The names of the Marma points located in the hands are: Talahridaya, Kshipra, Kurcha, Kurcha Shir, Manibandh, Indravasti, Kurpar, Aani, Urvi, Lohitaksha, Kakshadhar. The names of the Marma points located in the feet are: Talahridaya, Kshipra, Kurcha, Kurcha Shir, Gulf, Indravasti, Janu, Aani, Urvi, Lohitaksha, Vitapa. The names of the Marma points located in the back are: Kukundara, Katikataruna, Nitamba, Parshvasandhi, Vrihati, Anshphalak, Ansa. The names of the Marma points located in the chest are: Hridaya, Stanamula, Stanarohit, Apalapa, Apastambha. The names of the Marma points located in the abdomen are: Nabhi, Guda, Vasti. The names of the Marma points located in the neck are: Neela, Manya, Matrikayen, Krikatika. The names of the Marma points located in the head are: Vidhur, Apang, Avart, Utksep, Shankh, Phana, Sthapani, Shringatak, Simant, Adhipati (some Marma points have the same name, but their locations in the body are different). According to the classification of structure (Dhaatu classifications) Marma points are categorized into five types: Maans Marma, Siraa Marma, Snaayu Marma, Asthi Marma, Sandhi Marma.

It is believed that ancient most Indian science of Marma Therapy (which is very large) has influenced the development of the “Acupressure” technique in China (it is considered that Acupressure knowledge is much lesser than Marma Therapy that’s why Acupressure is considered to be an offspring of Marma therapy, explaining the similarities between the two). However, some people question the fact that Acupressure treats diseases using more than 361 points in the body, while Marma therapy only uses 109 points, so if observed this way then isn’t Marma treatment a child of Acupressure ?

In reality, the number of Marma points may be only 109, but it is not necessary that treatment is limited to those points alone as many times the energy Chakras located around them also need to be considered for help during treatment. In fact, many modern Marma experts are unaware of how to utilize the energy centres during Marma treatment (since having bookish knowledge alone is insufficient to become a true Marma expert, and obtaining authentic knowledge of Marma treatment without the guidance of accomplished Yogis is very difficult). Therefore, such experts with limited knowledge tend to use Marma treatment similar to Acupressure, that’s why in such cases patients usually don’t get complete benefits of Marma treatment.

In simple terms, it means that just as only expert Electronics Engineer can truly understand the changes occurring in flow of electric current in an electronic circuit by looking at it, the human body also functions like an electronic circuit that can be properly understood only by a knowledgeable Marma treatment expert. A true Marma expert can identify how a particular point needs to be stimulated to ensure the free flow (smooth transition) of vital energy (life force) in the infected organ of the body to eliminate a disease (similar to the flow of electrical energy in a electronic circuit). Therefore, the benefits which are achieved by using any medicine for a prolonged period, can be attained through the practice of Marma treatment within a few days.

As described by the “Svyam Bane Gopal” group in previous articles, no medicine can directly cure any disease rather it is always the body’s immune system that gets the body healed. It means that medicines (whether it is Allopathic, Homoeopathic or Ayurvedic medicine) only heal the immunity related to the affected body organ, so that immunity can effectively eliminate the disease.

Now the question arises, what exactly is immunity ? In this context, according to the ancient scriptures of Yoga (Yoga Shastra), the term immunity refers to our Prana (Pranic Energy) which is also known as vital power or life force. In summary, there are five main Pranas (Praan, Apaan, Vyaan, Udaan and Samaan) and five sub-Pranas (Naag, Vrikal, Koorm, Devadatt, and Dhananjaya) those reside in different parts of the human body and perform various functions.

When blockages occur in the Naadis (nerves) of any organ in the body, preventing the proper flow of Pranic energy, diseases arise in that organ. Anulom Vilom Pranayama (alternate nostril breathing practice) helps in removal of all types of blockages in the entire 72000 Naadis of the body, (thereby restoring overall health). However, due to any reason if a patient is unable to practice Anulom Vilom Pranayama correctly, consistently & sufficiently, then seeking the assistance of a Marma treatment expert is recommended. A Marma treatment expert performs similar functions to Anulom Vilom Pranayama i.e. swiftly removes the blockages in the Naaadis, allowing a higher quantity of Pranic energy to reach the affected organ which leads to the faster recovery from the disease.

Therefore, for those intellectuals who still believe that there is no need for modern doctors to get comprehensive training in Marma Treatment, must understand that, this training is extremely necessary for those doctors who genuinely aspire to become a “Multi-Talented Doctor” so that if a patient can primarily recover through Marma treatment without relying solely on medicines then what is the need to increase dependence on medicines to such an extent (This basically means that more the experts in Marma Treatment will be there in the world, lesser will be the money spent on the medicines).

Although Doctors are required to take training only in Marma Treatment (not in entire Kalaripayattu war technique) yet It is true that becoming a true Expert of Marma treatment is a long and challenging process, but once one becomes a real expert, one can provide significantly quicker benefits even in the complex diseases too.

Despite the tremendous benefits of Marma Treatment, you will be surprised to know that the true experts of Marma Treatment are making a living with comparatively very less money because younger generation students these days have a greater interest in kinds of work which can give them immediate and bigger earnings rather than learning this arduous and exhausting process. While there are such Neuro Surgeons in India who earn up to crore rupees, these great Marma Yogis, who are capable to cure easily complex neuro problems free of cost, are entirely dependent on the number of students enrolling in their Gurukuls (institutions) to earn their livelihood (which is decreasing day by day).

Considering all the issues related to the declining Marma Treatment practice, and to spread the benefits of Marma treatment to every individual, the present Indian Government is making considerable efforts. For example, under the guidance of Prime Minister Mr. Modi (who had established the Ministry of “AYUSH” for the first time in the country’s history) and with the wholehearted support of hardworking Chief Minister Mr. Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh’s intelligent Minister of AYUSH, Dcotor Dayashankar Mishra, is making dedicated efforts to promote & propagate this rare Marma Treatment Technique (Just like Mr. Modi and Mr. Yogi, Dr. Dayashankar is also a true devotee of Indian Cows ! The biggest advantage of being a true worshipper of cows is that the human being becomes naturally kindhearted like an Indian breed cow. That is why the great knowledgeable sage Vashishtha gave the Guru Mantra to Lord Rama to become a benevolent king, with the words, “गा वै पश्याम्यहं नित्यं गावः पश्यन्तु मां सदा (Gaa Vai Pashyaamyaham Nityam, Gaavah Pashyantu Maam Sadaa)” which means “May I always see cows and cows always see towards me”) !

So, this was all about the Marma Treatment method which may quickly cure not only respiratory (lungs) problems but also almost all kind of physical & mental diseases of the human body.

Long live supreme revered mother cow !
Vande Mataram !

Disclaimer- The information mentioned in above article, is best of our knowledge and experience and we have tried our best to make it as accurate as possible, but we would like to request to all our respected readers that it should not be treated as a substitute for any kind of professional advice, diagnosis, treatment or other purposes. “Svyam Bane Gopal” organization is a medium to provide our audience with the common information on various important aspects of human knowledge, and does not guarantee its accuracy or reliability. Even if there is no mention of any precaution or prohibition in article, it never means that we are claiming that our any kind of information is safe for any kind of purpose without any proper consultation with a relevant expert. “Svyam Bane Gopal” organization does not take any kind of responsibility for any aspect of our information. If you have any doubts about information, we strongly recommend you to consult a relevant expert. Thanks to all.

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