President Trump’s theory of injecting sunlight inside the body is not imaginary, it’s true and a potential solution is the article published by the “Svyam Bane Gopal” group 50 days back

Novel Corona Virus COVID 19 sun light rays treatment cure USA President Donald Trump herbal ashtanga yoga hatha raj pranayama asana mudra bhakti mantra meditation prevention remedies symptoms

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{This article is English version of previously published Hindi article titled – राष्ट्रपति ट्रम्प की सूर्यप्रकाश को शरीर के अंदर डालने की थ्योरी काल्पनिक नहीं, सत्य है जिसका प्रबल समाधान है “स्वयं बनें गोपाल” समूह द्वारा डेढ़ माह पूर्व प्रकाशित लेख which was published on 25th April 2020 on “Svyam Bane Gopal” Group’s website}

On 23rd April 2020, USA President Mr. Donald Trump cited a report from new Department of Homeland Security science and technology directorate in his press briefing and very excitingly mentioned about the miraculous impact of bright Sunlight for killing Novel corona viruses (COVID-19). President Mr. Trump further added that scientists should also find a way to bring the powerful light inside the body ‘either through the skin or in some other way’ because he believed that the whole concept of the light and the way it kills the corona virus in one minute – is pretty powerful. (To read that press briefing in detail in Hindi, please click on this link- and please click on this link to read it in English-

This ambitious theory in the interest of the nation by Mr. Donald Trump is not hypothetical but is absolutely correct and the “Svyam Bane Gopal” group had published an article on the same more than a month back on 8th March 2020, on this website (To read this article in Hindi, please click on this link- नोवेल कोरोना वायरस (Novel Corona Virus; COVID-19) में लाभकारी हो सकतें है ये उपाय and please click on this link to read it in English- These treatments may be useful in Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)).

The researchers of the “Svyam Bane Gopal” group have explained in the above article, how the bright light of the sun can be produced inside the human body. Those who have never been introduced to the rare knowledge of Indian yoga and spiritualism may find it without logic on the first hand; however it is absolutely true that every human being can produce sunlight inside the body at his or her own will.

We had explained in our previous article how a human being can destroy the corona virus by meditating on the sun imagining it to be located in the navel of his stomach. In the article, we have explained the simplest rules, methods and precautions for the meditation of the sun located in the navel, however to achieve the maximum benefit from this meditation, one should practice it for at least 5 minutes and maximum 27 minutes at the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the evening.

Novel Corona Virus COVID 19 sun light rays treatment cure USA President Donald Trump herbal ashtanga yoga hatha raj pranayama asana mudra bhakti mantra meditation prevention remedies symptoms If the meditation during the sunrise and the sunset is not possible for some reason, you can meditate on empty stomach twice a day at any time with at least 4 hours intervals (If you have meditated for 27 minutes, you should do the next meditation at least 4 hours later).

If your only aim is to get the benefit to cure corona by this mediation, you should meditate with all your concentration focused imagining that the divine light emanating from Sun God located at the junction of the navel and spine is rapidly rising up on the spinal cord (like stairs) and getting absorbed fast into both of the lungs.

This divine light is moving around in both the lungs in full swing, due to which both the lungs are rapidly getting rid of all kinds of diseases. Then this divine light is rising above the spinal cord and getting absorbed in the mind as well, which is making the mind and the soul free from all kinds of sorrow, diseases and pain. Also, all the disorders & diseases of the lungs, mind and the restlessness are coming out from the nose through the breath. Meditating in this way may provide great benefit in curing covid-19.

According to modern scientists, sunlight is just a group of some rays of different wavelengths (like ultraviolet etc.), which is why the sunlight has the ability to destroy harmful viruses. However, according to the greatest scientists (Rishis & Munis, the divine Indian sages) of the universe, sun light also has the rare life-giving elements which have the ability to bring the life back even in the terminal illness. Therefore in Indian religion, Sun has been revered as a visible God.

With the meditation of the Sun situated in the navel, eternal youth (which is a stage of staying strong and young without any diseases for a longer time) can also be attained. We will publish about the same in the upcoming articles.

As a matter of fact, the Sun located in the navel of every human being is not a different Sun, it is the same Sun that we see in the sky every day, isn’t it surprising then that the sun which we see outside our body in space, how can the same be located in the navel of our stomach?

This can be understood through two mystic theories of Indian religion:-

First theory – “यत् ब्रह्माण्डे तत् पिण्डे”, which means- Everything which is in the universe is also there in our human body.

Second theory – “एकोहं बहुस्याम”, which means- There is only one God and only He is doing everything in this world by taking the form of all of us (all the entities on this universe). That means, we all may appear to have different and separate bodies, under the influence of a divine illusion but actually we all have the same and single body which is called God. That is why in spiritualism it has also been said, “अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि” which means “I am the God”.

The summary is that for all of us, being completely ignorant of the internal equality of our body and wandering in the outer inequality throughout our life is the rule of law, powered by the divine illusion and getting free from the spell of this illusion, i.e. achieving the ultimate happiness of the salvation (Moksha) is possible only when we all remove the unfair discriminations from our mindset and be committed to do our best for the welfare of the entire world.

At the last, the “Svyam Bane Gopal” group would want to request to the Government of all countries, not to depend solely on allopathic medicines having various chemical combinations for the treatment of corona, but also to adopt other natural treatments (natural medical systems like- Yoga, Ayurveda) giving them the similar weightage because whether it is corona or any other disease, taking allopathic medicines for a long time may have a very bad impact on the vital organs (like liver, heart, kidney, lungs, brain etc.) of the body.

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