(Part – 2) Do you know, the more you enhance your Pranic energy, the more beneficial results you will get surprisingly on the results of acupressure treatment for your and others’ illness

(This article is English version of previously published Hindi language article titled – (भाग – 2) क्या आपको पता है कि, जैसे – जैसे आप अपनी प्राण ऊर्जा बढ़ाते जाएंगे, वैसे – वैसे एक्यूप्रेशर से आपकी और दूसरों की बिमारी में मिलने वाला लाभ भी आश्चर्यजनक रूप से बढ़ता जायेगा which was published on 29th May 2022 on “Svyam Bane Gopal” Group’s website)-

(Before reading this article, please read its first part by clicking on this link- (Part – 1) Do you know, the more you enhance your Pranic energy, the more beneficial results you will get surprisingly on the results of acupressure treatment for your and others’ illness)

Let us first understand slightly in more detail, what is Pranic Energy (Life Energy) and where does it come from in the body. As the energy that comes from the sun is called solar energy and that solar energy is available in such a huge quantity that millions of megawatts of electricity can be produced from it (through solar panels) from which every machine in the world can be run for free. However, it is worth noting that, no matter how much electricity is produced, the energy of the sun never decreases. Exactly in the same way, the “invisible energy” emanating from the “main Pran” located in the navel of every human’s body is called “Pranic energy”
and lesser would be covered by Maayaa, more will be Pranic energy in body (since the main Pran located in the navel is covered by the veils of Maayaa as per the Karma of many previous births, the Pranic energy reaches the whole body in a lesser amount, however, as the veil starts getting removed, more and more Pranic energy starts filling the whole body).

Like the Sun, Pran is also a source of endless energy, so it doesn’t matter & harm that more and more Pranic energy going away from a human’s body to another human being. For the sake of understanding, though it is said that Pranic energy is extracted from somewhere outside i.e. from the universe (which is actually in the same format of a human body, because “Yat Brahmaande Tat Pinde”), however in fact, the Pranic energy is not replenished from anywhere outside, rather that energy is created continuously on its own from the “main Pran” located in the navel (because the main Pran is really like a Nuclear Reactor producing unlimited Pran energy Which doesn’t stop producing the Pranic energy till the time human being is alive).

Here we are again answering this question in a simple language that when the main Pran located in the navel of every human being, always produces a huge amount of energy, then why is there less Pran energy in some people and more in others ? Everyone would be aware, as written in all the religious texts that God is present equally in every particle of the world (as divine saint Tulsidaas has also said that “Hari Vyaapak Sarvatra Samaanaa”) but we consider ourselves fortunate to touch the stone idol in the temple, however, we frown if a stone immersed in the mud gets touched to us (whereas the stone lying in the mud is also as much the abode of God as the idol). So the obvious reason for this discrimination is that the idol gives a feeling of pleasant divine energy i.e. peace, divinity whereas from the mud stone one feels the negative energy i.e. of dirt and stench. That’s why it can be said that though the mud stone has the Godly part but it is in the unmanifested state (i.e. in hidden condition) and so a mudstone does not have the energy of an idol stone to change the fate of a human being.

Exactly in the same way, more a person would remove the cover (i.e. veil) of Maya from the hidden main Pran through perseverance, more freely his Pranic energy would get manifested and so more Pranic energy is absorbed throughout his body, and at the same time, it automatically gets absorbed in the body of the other human beings as well which are in the vicinity. Yes, it is true that acupressure is not the only way for a Pranic energy to go into other people’s bodies rather the Pranic energy of every person in the world is always absorbed into all the living beings with less Pranic energy located next to him (and this process can never be stopped, just like a large amount of water flowing by itself, towards lesser quantity of water). That’s why you must have noticed that one feels good when sitting near a Saint – Sanyaasi – Yogi of higher Pranic energy level (because Pranic energy always keeps coming out of their body and gets absorbed inside the living beings sitting nearby).

It is a possibility that just by sitting near a person with higher Pranic energy, the sufficient amount of Pranic energy is not reaching inside a needy sick person, so if a person with more Pranic energy presses the acupressure points related to the diseases of the sick person with his hand then the speed of curing of that disease can be manifold.

Although Pranic energy always keeps coming out a little bit from the whole body, however, when an acupressure expert presses the acupressure points with the intention to cure a sick person then the maximum Pranic energy starts coming out naturally from the palm and fingers of the expert’s hand, which benefits the patient.

Hopefully, from the facts written above, all respected readers must have understood that how a patient can benefit many times more with the higher Pranic energy of an acupressure expert. So now the main question here becomes is there any way to increase our own Pranic energy ?

So the answer to that is, Yes. There is not one but countless ways to increase your Pranic energy, not only to cure your diseases in a more effective way but also of other sick people along with your family members.

So now you must be wondering what those methods are? So the answer is – Pranic energy of each human being keeps on getting increased naturally with every good deed done directly or indirectly, however, any human being’s Pranic energy doesn’t get decreased due to any sin done directly or indirectly. Perhaps you may feel a little strange knowing this, however, it is true because this information has been received from the saints who have seen God, that in Kali Yuga, God has given this special exemption to all of us human beings that every good deed will increase our Pranic energy but it will not be decreased due to any sin because there is so much power in Kali Yuga that even the gentlemen often do mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. So if pran energy starts decreasing on every mistake, then we innocent human beings will never be improved (upgraded). Here it is to be understood carefully that doing a wrong deed definitely incurs a sin (for which one has to suffer the punishment sooner or later) but doing any wrong deed never decreases the Pranic energy. This means Pranic energy in every human body can always only be increased, it can never be decreased (the more good work you do, the faster your Pranic energy will increase).

Now what do you call a good deed ? In simple language, every work that can do good to oneself or others is a good deed. In fact, all the good deeds of the world can be grouped in the categories of four main Yogas, namely-

Good deeds in the category of Hatha Yoga – The Pranic energy of such a person increases, who regularly does any of the Hatha Yogas, i.e. Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Dhyana (meditation) etc.

Good deeds in the category of Raja Yoga – The Pranic energy of such a person increases, who regularly does any of the Raj Yogas, i.e. contemplation of God, Bhaav Samaadhi etc.

Good deeds in the category of Bhakti Yoga – The Pranic energy of such a person increases, who regularly does any of the Bhakti Yogas, i.e. God’s Worship, Bhajan, Kirtan, recitation of religious books, etc.

The good deeds in the category of Karma Yoga – If a person does any of these karma daily, i.e. doing appropriate job or business honestly to provide proper upbringing, nurturing & guiding to his family members – Providing food, water, clothing, home & medicines to the poor – Giving information that benefits the needy in their lives, planting trees, saving water, keeping the society clean, etc., then his Pranic energy increases.

So like this, by practicing more and more of the above mentioned good deeds, one can increase his Pranic energy daily more than before. You will be surprised to know that whenever a person with higher Pranic energy treats a patient with less Pranic energy with acupressure, then the Pranic energy of that person with higher Pranic energy increases even more than before because doing treatment this way is also a very good deed (even though if he has taken a fee for the treatment from the patient, still the Pranic energy increases because health is priceless, so making proper efforts to make someone healthy is a great deed).

Here we tell another easy experiment for your convenience that suppose you have a physical problem and you want to get it treated only by Naturopathy like acupressure, so first of all you tried to search about the acupressure points for that problem on the internet and when you pressed those points with your own fingers, you did not get any proper relief. Then you also took the help of an acupressure expert but even then you did not get any significant relief.

Suppose after reading the information given in this article, you start looking for an acupressure expert with a higher Pranic energy then you may face the problem of figuring out how to identify whether an acupressure expert has higher Pranic energy or not. So we would like to tell you that it has a very simple formula that the person who has higher Pranic energy, has a more impressive personality. This means that even though the person with more Pranic energy may himself be troubled by many diseases or may not be a good speaker or may not be handsome in appearance or may be a modern gentleman with a modern dressing sense and living habits, however, people are still impressed when they meet or talk to him (by the way, now a days many people get impressed by Heros & Heroines or by rich people or by smart people or even by dominating – mafia type people, however, the effect of Pranic energy is very different and pleasant as compared to these personality types).

Before proceeding with the above example, here it is also necessary to clear the doubt whether a person with excess Pranic energy can himself become ill or not, and if he becomes ill, is it also possible that a person with more Pranic energy may not be able to cure his disease by himself. So the answer to that is anything is possible in this strange world and a great example of this was Lord Gautam Buddha (about whom it has been described in detail in Part-1 of this article). In fact, we often get to know the reason behind such examples is that due to some karma of past life (previous birth), it is decided beforehand that a particular disease will be eradicated only by a particular method and with the help of a particular person.

Like, you may have also heard the famous incident of a government official. For many years, that officer was troubled by pus in his ear due to an infection and despite getting the most expensive treatment, that disease was not getting cured, so that officer always had to tie a handkerchief on his ear. One day while that officer was walking to go somewhere, an unknown poor child asked him something to eat. The officer was in a hurry but in spite of that he immediately arranged for the child’s food and left from there. After a long time, he noticed that his handkerchief was completely dry and since then he never had pus in his ear.

That officer himself was very surprised how his ear infection suddenly disappeared. The clear opinion of the saints on this incident was that the officer must have suffered this disease for the mistake done in his past life due to which that boy would have suffered in his past life. So in this birth, after giving food to that boy, his atonement would have been completed and his disease ended on its own. This opinion of the saints seems correct due to this reason as well, that particular government officer had fed many poor children even prior to that, however, still his ear infection was not cured but as soon as he had fed that child, his disease disappeared like a magic. This clearly means that his disease was caused due to causing trouble for this same child in his past life (it can also be concluded here that due to the virtue of feeding many other poor children, such a happy coincidence occurred in the life of officer that one day the same child reached the officer asking for food, so that his illness could be cured immediately. On the other hand, there are many people in this world who die bearing their disease for their whole life but they do not get such a happy coincidence that they too can be free from their disease. Therefore whenever, wherever, whomever we meet, we should keep helping them appropriately because “we don’t know in what disguise we may meet the God”).

That is to say, like the true examples found in all medical systems, it is possible that due to some irrefutable destiny of past life, a person with more Pranic energy may not be able to cure any disease by himself, however, that does not mean that he will not be able to cure the diseases of other patients with lower Pranic energy (because as we have told earlier that there have been many famous doctors who had treated thousands of patients but could not cure their own disease). Similarly, the acupressure expert (who has high Pranic energy) who cannot cure his own disease, can still provide quick benefits in the cure of difficult diseases of millions of other patients with lower Pranic energy.

Like another famous example is that of Lord Lakshman, (younger brother of Lord Rama). Lord Lakshman himself was the incarnation of Sheshnaag, the largest and most powerful snake in the world, so he had the ability to eliminate the effect of every kind of snake venom (that is why even today people worship Lord Laxman to remain protected from snakes, especially in South India) but during the fight with Meghnaad, Lord Lakshman himself had fainted by a weapon made of a snake i.e. Naagpaash, then Garud ji had to be called for his treatment.

Seeing Lord Lakshman getting fainted from the poison of a weapon made of a snake, even Garun ji had doubts whether Lord Lakshman was really the incarnation of the supreme king of snakes, Lord Sheshnaag, or not. In fact, Lord Lakshmana had deliberately created this leela (real life play) so that in the coming times, people would remember the truth that even if a man is the best expert of anything (like Lord Laxman was the one to eliminate snake venom), such a difficult time may come at least once in life when all the expertise of that man is of no use to him and he may have to appeal to get help even from his junior.

So every creature born in this world has its own unique destiny, so it is not necessary that all the patients can be cured by the same treatment method. But it has been seen in most of the situations that as soon as acupressure gets the support of more Pranic energy, there is a quick benefit even in major diseases. Many times it has also been seen that even in a disease which has troubled for years, amazing benefits have been found in only 1 to 2 attempts. Therefore, everyone should try to increase their Pranic energy or to consult an acupressure expert with more Pranic energy for treatment.

Let us now proceed with the incomplete example mentioned above, that is, if you are not able to find any acupressure expert with a higher Pranic energy to end your problem then what would you do ? In that situation you can get good benefits by getting your acupressure points pressed by your father or mother as well because it has been seen almost every time that the biological parents always have many times more Pranic energy than their child. Therefore, whether any child can ever understand this himself or not, it is his parents he is most impressed unconsciously (according to the natural system, one’s parents can have more Pranic energy than their children, but it is not necessary that those parents have higher Pranic energy than people other than their own children. Therefore, as much as their own children are benefitted by those parents, it is not necessary that other people also have as much benefit from their energy).

Now let’s talk about the various acupressure points located in the body. The points related to almost all the parts of the body are located in the toes as well, palms of both hands. Apart from these points, there are usually acupressure points on the affected part as well (the part in which there is a problem), so it is better to press the related points located in the hands and feet as well as the points located on the affected part and that affected part should also be massaged as slowly as possible, for example-

To get relief from the headache, hair fall, memory weakness, stress, etc., points located on the palms, toes and head can be pressed. Simultaneously, massage of the whole head can also be done.

For pain in the eyes, lack of eyesight, blurred vision, etc., apart from pressing the points located on the palm and toes, light massage can be done with both the palms on the eyelids of the eyes (many people got their glasses removed by doing this at sunrise in the morning).

To get rid of the wrinkles on the face, apart from pressing the points of the skin, rub the face with both the palms during the day and night whenever you get time, it shows a clear difference in a week.

For problems like cervical spondylosis of the neck and thyroid, besides pressing the related points, massage of the neck is beneficial.

For heart problems (eg- high or low blood pressure, feeling of palpitations, blockages), lung problems, besides pressing the respective points, massage with hands on the chest has been observed to have good results.

For problems related to kidney, liver, intestines, pancreas (diabetes) etc., apart from pressing the related points, massaging on the stomach and back is beneficial.

For back problems, knee problems etc., apart from pressing the respective points, massaging the related organs is beneficial.

It is obvious if the person with higher Pranic energy will do the acupressure and massage, then relief would be faster. So to get rid of any old chronic disease, either increase your Pranic energy by doing more and more good work or find such an expert who has more Pranic energy than you.

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