Series of implausible celestial events may take the world into new era

· May 11, 2016

hgfdA lower rank cop would not be able to eradicate crime from his city but the police head of the city can eliminate all the crimes from his city within 24 hours if he also gets full support from his higher officers.

Both the officers are actually similar but the only difference is of the legal power what they have.

Similarly, the powers possessed by planets and Nakshtra (stars or asterism) are different.

Astrologically if the planets are similar to a lower rank cop, the Nakshtra (stars or asterism) are head of the police.

What is Nakshtra ? A star or group of stars is termed as Nakshtra.

As now a days in media, a no. of renowned astrologers are telling that these 68 days are very critical and shaky for human beings because some rare & devastating planetary conjunction are going to shape up…………..but reality is not as simple as it looks.

Because, as per the hints given by Divya Rishi (divine hermit), the havoc possible to happen in next 4 to 6 months, is no way possible by planets.

This degree of natural destruction is possible only by the power of some very rare stars (Nakshtra or asterism) which just appear only once in thousands of years but whenever they appear, create highly disastrous impact on earth.

The scientists of today’s modern science have yet very little knowledge about stars and they have yet not succeeded to invent any device which can measure all the impacts generated by stars completely.

The great scientists of Hindu religion i.e. ancient Rishis (divine saints), countless years ago, have already defined the aspects and impacts of stars to the core in the universe.

So, as indications given by a Rishi, a very rare Nakshtra (stars or asterism) will create such a negative and strange impact on earth that possibility of big destruction will surface.

After thousand years, this one of the rarest Nakshtra is going to appear in first week of August 2016.

This rare Nakshtra will be so unfortunate for the earth that from few months earlier to the appearance of this Nakshtra to few months later after it appears, different strange & disastrous happenings would take place on earth.

234567According to venerated Rishi, these disastrous series of events will be caused by meteor hitting the earth, spreading mysterious disease, flood and massive earthquake.

There is a possibility of meteor hit in Middle West area of India.

According to respected Rishi, the rising of such rare Nakshtra can also cause a mysterious disease which can convert into epidemic and it could also be difficult for scientists to find out the reason and treatment of this disease.

8905643The flood especially in western India may cause huge damage.

This Nakshtra will also create the possibilities of one of the most disastrous earthquake in India.

In addition to these natural disasters, some drastic national level issues may also surface up due to wrong decisions taken by people.

5678From September 2016, this Nakshtra will also create the condition of declared War between some powerful nations. Religious differences would also be somehow reason behind this war.

There are also possibilities of unexpected Coup d’état.

This Nakshtra is going to create intensive problems not only at mass level, but also on individual’s personal life. Majority of the people of this earth are going to face lots of severe personal problems in next 4 to 6 months.

And even the phase of personal life problems has already started few weeks back that’s why many people have already started to face sudden hardships and troubles.

These personal problems would be of any type, like severe physical disease, conflicts, monetary problem, insult etc.

People having feelings of gentleness, benevolence, kindness and responsibility will remain unaffected from ailments created by this disastrous Nakshtra.

The information about the time of rising of such very rare Nakshtra is not given in available Hindu Granthas (the ancient most Hindu religious books). This kind of precious information can be given only by Rishi (divine saint).

Actually it is hard to believe by common people that in modern days, the Rishis also exist ?

gfreBut it is perpetual truth that, on the ground of efforts of many years, when a human being gets the transcendental fortune to see Bhagvan (God) apparently, he himself becomes internally Anand Swaroop (everlasting joyful). And after the death of his ordinary physical body, he instantly gets Immortal youth and a supreme divine body analogous to God, He gets inaccessible opportunity of living with God.

When such divine Rishi finds their successors or any other human being, as benevolent and ethical as he was during living on this earth, he connects to him/her by the command of God and explains him such mysteries of Universe which is gospel truth.

By the blessings of such a Rishi, We, “Svyam Bane Gopal” group got the information about this natural phenomenon six months prior (in November 2015) and since then we are providing this information and other valuable information directly or indirectly in our few articles and will keep giving regularly in future as well.

Our main aim of giving such information is to make those people aware who are indulged in any kind of unethical work, that according to venerated Rishi, in near future justice is about to prevail in our world, where, regardless of higher power, status or position, all such people are going to be ruined who are corrupt.

For making this possible and for renovation of our earth at universe level, few extremely rare incidents are going to occur, such as the possibility of incarnation of extreme powerful souls on this earth……….!


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ओ शोधकर्ता डॉक्टर सौरभ उपाध्याय यू. ऍफ़. ओ. शोधकर्ता, उड़न तश्तरी वैज्ञानिक डॉक्टर सौरभ उपाध्याय उड़न तश्तरी वैज्ञानिक, उड़न तश्तरी प्रोफेसर डॉक्टर सौरभ उपाध्याय उड़न तश्तरी प्रोफेसर, उड़न तश्तरी शोधकर्ता डॉक्टर सौरभ उपाध्याय उड़न तश्तरी शोधकर्ता, अन आइडेंटिफाई फ्लाइंग ऑब्जेक्ट वैज्ञानिक डॉक्टर सौरभ उपाध्याय अन आइडेंटिफाई फ्लाइंग ऑब्जेक्ट वैज्ञानिक, अन आइडेंटिफाई फ्लाइंग ऑब्जेक्ट प्रोफेसर डॉक्टर सौरभ उपाध्याय अन आइडेंटिफाई फ्लाइंग ऑब्जेक्ट प्रोफेसर, अन आइडेंटिफाई फ्लाइंग ऑब्जेक्ट शोधकर्ता डॉक्टर सौरभ उपाध्याय अन आइडेंटिफाई फ्लाइंग ऑब्जेक्ट शोधकर्ता, अन आइडेंटिफाई फ्लाइंग ऑब्जेक्ट के खोजकर्ता डॉक्टर सौरभ उपाध्याय अन आइडेंटिफाई फ्लाइंग ऑब्जेक्ट के खोजकर्ता, यू ऍफ़ ओ के खोजकर्ता डॉक्टर सौरभ उपाध्याय यू ऍफ़ ओ के खोजकर्ता, यू ऍफ़ ओ हंटर डॉक्टर सौरभ उपाध्याय यू ऍफ़ ओ हंटर ]


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