Our research group finds U.F.O. and Aliens’ footprints.

1212121As we mentioned in many of our previous articles (links of those articles are given below) that a Nakshatra (a star or asterism) arising in first week of Aug 2016 is extremely disastrous and also very rare because it arises only once in thousands of years but whenever it does, it causes havoc, months before its appearance and till far later than its demise.

As we elaborated in those previous articles that as per the hints given by Divya Rishi (divine hermit) this disastrous Nakshatra arising this time will cause a series of natural disasters like scorching hot weather, fierce floods, unexpected coup d’état, wars between countries, mysterious epidemic, meteor hitting the earth and devastating earthquakes and also, troubles at individuals’ level like illness, accidents, monetary losses, social insults and what not.

Many of these forecasts of divine ‘Rishi satta’ are coming true gradually, such as :-

This year, the summer was insatiable and the temperature crossed 50 degrees at many places in India (we had published this foretell of Divya Rishi on 2nd April, 2016 on ‘Svyam Bane Gopal’ facebook page……this article was written in Hindi language).

Besides, this year, half of India was immersed in massive flood and still i.e. in first week of August, in western India, i.e. Gujarat and Maharashtra, the heavy rain and flood is taking its toll everywhere. (we had published not only this but also other predictions of Divya Rishi satta, which are getting true steadily on 11th May, 2016 on our facebook page……article published on 11th May was in English language…..To read in details about these forecasts, you can open our facebook posts of dates given above or can click on links given below).

Few days back, there was an attempt of coup d’état in Turkey and now, there is a chirm of possibility of it in the neighbourhood of India.

A few days back, there was a meteor hit on the earth in Uttar Pradesh state, district Pratapgarh of India, which was later sent for the research by the sub divisional magistrate.

And the mutual relationships between some countries have worsened to such a level that the possibility of war can not be declined.

And if we talk about earthquake, scientists of today’s modern science, are speculating that its impending in north India at any time in 1 day to 500 years. But it doesn’t look true in wake of dreadfulness of this Nakshatra.

Because according to Divya Rishi Satta, whenever this catastrophic Nakshatra has appeared, it has caused havoc so there is a great possibility that this Nakshatra will bring a cataclysmic earthquake in India this year only.

Parimal 5And not only this all, the role of this Nakshatra has started to show its footmarks in this real world like the search team of “Svyam bane gopal” group (which consists of insightful engineers, economists, professors etc. and which was being led by doctor Saurabh Upadhyay) found “Seehor” marks (see attached photos) in north India.

We had never seen such grand “Seehor” mark before and nor did we read anything about it in any ancient granths (most ancient Hindu religious books).

In our investigation, we found that even the owner of the land where this mark was seen, was completely unaware when and how this mark got inscribed on his land and by whom.

While contacting to the venerated divine saints, this was known that this cross mark is called “Seehor” and this Seehor mark is an omen of forewarning of the deities to the humans of the earth, to ameliorate and stop committing the sins (to lie, killing animals for taste, immoral earnings, debauchery etc.) right away otherwise even we deities will no more be able to save you from the wrath of the Nature – the Mahamaya.

Parimal 6Divine saints told that all ‘Rishi gana’ (hermits) including ‘Saptarshi’ and ‘Dev gana’ (deities) unceasingly keep working for maintaining the harmony of ‘Sattva’ (bliss, goodness), ‘Raja’ (passion, motion) and ‘Tama’ (evilness, darkness) guna (virtues) inside the countless no. of universes created by God because God has Himself instructed them for the same.

During the investigation of Seehor mark only, in the night the search team of ‘Svyam bane gopal’ group saw some tiny dots of lights making some unordinary movements at a far corner of sky, which we immediately recorded in our mobile camera (see the attached videos below).


On the basis of our experience of researches of the universe and aliens, we concluded that these dots of lights were U.F.O. only !

Parimal 1Parimal 3To add much to our amazement, a huge mark of the paws of a colossal creature was found at a small distance from the Seehor mark which surely didn’t seem to be of any known creature on the earth.

Parimal 2It can be imagined how gigantic being it itself would be, having such enormously large (around 6.5 feet long) paws.

Who this creature was and whether it came from a different world or dimension, is unknown to us for now, but undoubtedly, finding the proofs related to the entities of the second world imbrued with myriads of unresolved mysteries, can be termed as a significant discovery.

While asking the venerated divine saints about these all, only this was answered to us……….Just get to know the fact for now that in the upcoming era of ‘Maha Parivartan’ (an enormous change), there are a lot of upheavals to happen ! The earth is groaning with the load of sins and peccancy spread across the world specifically because of non vegetarianism, due to which, countless innocent, faultless creatures are murdered and their bloods are dumped on this mother earth…..the nature has got extremely irate with these ever increasing evil tendencies and if the humanity doesn’t re-establish again among the human beings, the results would be unimaginably severe!

(Dated – 7 Aug 2016)

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