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Dear Visitor, we are selfless volunteers of “Svyam Bane Gopal” organization.

Complete cure of deadly disease like HIV/AIDS by Yoga, Asana, Pranayama and Ayurveda.

एच.आई.वी/एड्स जैसी घातक बीमारियों का सम्पूर्ण इलाज योग, आसन, प्राणायाम व आयुर्वेद से

The way Shri Gopal devoted His whole life to exterminate the sufferings of the agonized world, we, the humble volunteers, following His footprints of serving everyone and working for everyone’s good, endeavor to be as much helpful as possible to imbue the soothing colors of peace and placidity in a crestfallen, dejected society, inflicted with innumerable diseases, ailments and depravities.

If your heart also commiserates for the pains of helpless and deprived people, please get associated with our this endeavor.

In a mission to wipe the tears of others, if you want to participate by any means, you can contact us on following phone no. or email id. You can also join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Contact Address –

“Svyam Bane Gopal” Group,
“Svyam Bane Gopal” Bhavan, Lallansingh Nagar,
Varansi Road, Lucknow,
Uttar Pradesh, India.

Our Contact No-   91 – 0522 – 4232042,  91 – 09369312201

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Our facebook-

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